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Claudio Petrolo




new storie di mare

Fifteen years spent at the cooktop and even more eating and tasting, never stop learning, traveling, discovering and creating, in a permanent revolution.  I have transformed every experience I’ve had in infinite shades of taste.



Dining Room
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dining room

We turned our restaurant into a dining room, a comfortable but stimulating place where to feel at ease with food, out of tight patterns. We propose an amazing, free and pleasant experience.

Fish Bar

fish bar

Raw seafood, Pane&Mare, tapas, cocktails or bubbles, a counter and excellent music: this is our Fishbar, a physical space into the Dining Room but, after all, a mental space, to welcome and accompany our guests.



Pane&Mare is our new project. The bread, crisp and soft, like a casket hides a treasure inside: all the precious taste of the sea.



The Menu

The menu runs as a fluid, beyond the ordinary classifications: a lunch, a dinner or a tasting unroll without limits or established paths. The focus is always on the excellent ingredients, both local and international, from Gaeta to the Bay of Biskay, to the Peruvian Andes, and on our Fishermen in the kitchen who deftly mix them.
We promise a travel through taste, amazing and surprising as only travels can be.